Tracer Gas Detection

Tracer gas detection solution is mostly prevalent when the leakage point is tough to identify, for instance large pipelines. In this type of leak detection method, a specific gas is pressurized through the pipes and then it is identified on the ground when it escapes.

This tracer gas detection service can be implemented for water or gas leak detection. There are two types of tracer gas detection method. In both types of process, gas is used to identify the exact exit point of water and is somewhat more involved process.

Helium Gas Detection

In this process high purity helium gas is released into the water system via specialized apparatus. The helium gas circulates around the water system and escapes through the leak point in the pipe wall. Helium separates from water and rises to the surface allowing identification of the exit point of water leak.

Hydrogen Gas Detection

In this method also the hydrogen gas in injected into the pipeline suspected of water leakage. Being the lightest atom, hydrogen escapes through the leak location and make its way to the ground where it is detected by gas sensitive device. Thus it helps detect the location of water leak. The precision of this apparatus facilitates the water leaks when other methods surrender.

Benefits of Tracer Gas Detection

It is a scientific and time tested system, pretty reliable offering prominent advantages over other conventional less delicate leak detection testing methodologies. The distinct benefits that place it on an elevated pedestal include:

  • Ideal solution for all types of water leaks, including tiny leak too difficult to access places
  • Best for isolated, dark and confined locations with restricted access to inspection
  • Great detection rating, shunning any guesswork
  • One of the quickest testing methods, because of fast dissipating speed resulting in less billing hours
  • Safe gas, does not react with water, no risk to public health and water quality
  • Cutting edge mechanism and solution

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