Water Leak Detection Services

The motto of our services is to protect our most precious resource, Water. 

Detecting water leaks in hidden pipes behind your bathroom wall can be difficult and costly. Moreover, foul odors, arising from broken sewer pipes is injurious to your health. If you call a plumber for your water leak detection, he can only guess the leaks which may be proved an expensive step for finding leak detection. And this may often result in hours of digging without any success. All you need is just a professional leak detector.

Finding leaks in leaking Shower, Pipes, Gas

We are specialized in identifying the hidden leaks by using modern equipment.  We priorities the area of leakage to make a pinpoint of the leak. As we are constantly upgrading to the latest technology, we are equipped with the modern equipment. Right from the traditional water meter check to thermal imaging of latest invention, we have all the equipment necessary for water leak detection service which eliminates the need of digging. By using ultrasound equipment for detecting we can accurately detect the leak without destruction. Apart from these technologies, we also inspect leak detection with the help of hydrogen gas systems where hydrogen gas is inserted into your irrigation systems and detect at the point where it is escaping from the pipe. Besides this, thermal imaging is an effective way for leak detection, which shows an electromagnetic image of your property, with the help of which we can detect the trouble spot with pinpoint accuracy.

Our Trained technicians are trained to use:

Acoustic Leak Detection

After finding the general location of the leak, acoustic leak detection can help to pinpoint the exact location of leak especially in leaking pipes. The underground leaking pipes make sounds and the leak detector find the location of the leak by hearing that sounds using sound sensor. As he gets closer to the leak the sounds get louder and then finally he finds the exact location of the leak and pinpoint it.

Infrared Leak Detection

The hidden leaks are difficult to detect and detecting that leak may harm the property. With infrared leak detection leaks can be found quickly that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is an accurate technique to find the leak. The infrared leak detection is non-invasive method and result can be viewed within minutes.

Tracer Gas Detection

This is a non destructive method and used in highly sensitive areas where there are buried pipelines that are covered with dust especially in industrial area. In tracer gas detection, the gas (Hydrogen or Helium) is   injected into suspicious area. If the leak is exist, the gas makes its way to the surface where there is a gas sensitive detector attached. The device shows the number of leaks in the pipeline.

Digital Camera Leak Detection

To detect an underwater pipe leak, the digital camera leak detection is a very popular method. When the leak is detected, the device warns the user with flashing ultra bright LED light. You can install the device in your digital camera .

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‘Very pleased with the outcome you took all the stress away in just one hour. Thanks for your help boys. I will recommend you to all my friends’
- Jennifer Robinson

Thank you for finding the leak for me in my hot water system don’t know what I would have done without your help. Very pleased with your service.
- Michael Peters