Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks may often be fatal too! Avoiding such situation is the only remedy, you should rely on! We know how important it is to avoid any health issue, fire explosion and other hazards that are caused due to a gas leak, because we are experts in detecting gas leaks in your house.

Before jumping to our services and solutions, let’s peep into some vital facts and guidelines that are imperative to understand for you!

What are the Signs of Gas Leak

You will feel the pungent smell of gas, just like rotten egg and can also hear hissing sound coming from gas appliance or nearby areas. The air coming out of the ground, bubbling in moist area and dying plants could be the sign of gas leak outside the home.

What to do When Smelling Gas

If you ever smell gas, turn off the gas supply straight way! Inhaling gas is equally harmful. In addition, gas being extremely flammable, it should not come in contact with the tiniest flame or else it may lead to massive fire within seconds. In case you are unable to reach the valve of the gas, ensure you get away from the place as early as possible. In addition, open the doors and windows immediately for gas exit, call gas plumber immediately and extinguish all naked flames if any, and do not operate any electrical appliance.

Some Gas Maintenance Tips

  • When digging outside, ensure you avoid gas pipes
  • Contact your gas plumber immediately if your burner produces yellow or red flame instead of blue
  • Keep the pressure regularly and the gas meter in a safe place, away from receiving even the slightest damage
  • Get the installation and repair work of gas done by licensed and professional gas plumber

Why Contact Us

We are licensed and experienced gas leak detection service provider, headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. Having equipped with some of the highly skilled professionals and armed with best and latest tools for the purpose, you can rely on our quick and professional gas leak detection solution. Our specialties include:

  • Leveraging latest tools and technologies to detect a gas leak
  • License, experience and expertise in gas leak detection
  • Have leak detection crew on board
  • We are skilled to face the crisis proficiently
  • We offer 24 hour emergency gas leak detection service

Gas is necessary and lives are precious! You know better! Get what is best for you! Confused! Give us a call, we know our work and understand what is best for you!

Leak Detection Services Melbourne


‘Very pleased with the outcome you took all the stress away in just one hour. Thanks for your help boys. I will recommend you to all my friends’
- Jennifer Robinson

Thank you for finding the leak for me in my hot water system don’t know what I would have done without your help. Very pleased with your service.
- Michael Peters