Infrared Leak Detection

It is not only leaking pipes that are instrumental in causing moisture in your home or workplace, but there are many other reasons that may contribute to this issue. The moisture intruded walls or floors could be due to improper ventilation or even compromised insulation system.

In addition to damaging the building, it can also result in some serious health issues. Presence of moisture for a prolonged stretch of time helps develop mold. In addition, damp areas are the breeding places for wood devouring insects.

How Infrared Leak Detection Works

Infrared leak detection involves an infrared imaging camera to visualize and quantify the invisible infrared radiation emitted from the objects. It is not visible by naked eyes but it is traced in thermal imaging camera.

It can also detect the exact location of moisture in concrete or plaster, in the form of printed reports with details of each and every abnormality.

Advantages of Infrared Leak Detection

This technology allows easy identification of the anomalies, happening underneath your house floor and walls, without damaging the property through thermal imaging mechanism. These cameras are capable enough to detect tiniest differences in temperature on various materials’ surfaces. It offers a detailed hard copy of the detection report, making it easier for you to realize the damage and take quick and informed decision. More importantly, these cameras are non-invasive and help performing a survey causing least disruption and very rapid!

Why Us

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