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Property is the most prominent for us. New as well as old properties can have leak problems. Leaks are very dangerous as it can cause unnecessary damage to your property. Water leak detectors can help you to detect hidden leaks by protecting the long term value of your property. We will isolate the exact location of hidden leaks allowing minimum destruction of your property.

In Melbourne, we are providing water leak detection services at cost cutting edge. By merging expert professionals with the latest technology we can accurately locate the most difficult leaks. We have adopted modern methods of technology like meter test, ultrasound detectors, digital leak detection, tracer gas detection and infrared leak detectors for detecting water leaks. With our expertise water leak detectors, we can detect complex and hidden leaks without digging your property. As we are a licensed company, we also disclose a certificate that helps you to receive a compensate for excess use of water from the water authority. Our water leak detectors can save your money by preventing damage to your property. We not only detect water leaks, but also clean your premises before leaving it.

We have full time well equipped group of experts based in Melbourne to provide you active water leak detection services in a crisis. We also provide services for sewer leaks, pool leaks, gas leaks, wall leaks and all hidden water leaks.

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‘Very pleased with the outcome you took all the stress away in just one hour. Thanks for your help boys. I will recommend you to all my friends’
- Jennifer Robinson

Thank you for finding the leak for me in my hot water system don’t know what I would have done without your help. Very pleased with your service.
- Michael Peters