Water Leak Detection Hawthorn East

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Recently one of your neighbors had to go through immense trouble and expenditure paying for the leakage in their basement which they neglected for quite a long time and ended up repairing the whole basement and paying the extra water bills. Since then you too have been skeptical about any leakages in your home and one fine day you decide to check your home for potential leakages. So, do you have any idea how to go about it? Or know about the signs which can tell you that, yes, there is a leakage? Probably not, we are one of the most well known water leak detection Hawthorn East service providers; Water Leak Detectors and let us guide you about how to grab signs in and around your house that there is a leakage.

  • If you notice by the end of a month that your water bills are higher than normal
  • You hear the sound of water running or dripping even after you made sure that everything is turned off
  • Sewer odors
  • You find damp patches on your floor, wall or ceiling
  • Unexpected growth of moulds

For detecting water leaks Hawthorn East, we use the latest technology. Our tools consist of ultra sound detecting equipment to determine the location of leaks from the toughest of places; even from underground, outdoor sewers and irrigation systems.

To handle a more complicated Water Leaking Hawthorn East situation we use technologies like acoustic, infrared, tracer gas detection as well as digital leak detection equipment. We thoroughly scrutinize your Hawthorn East Water Leaks and do the needful to make the spot leakage free. It is worth a mention, that it is not only hidden water leaks that we look for, but also look out for sewer leaks, pool or spa leaks, even blocked pipes, gas leaks, wall leaks as well as floor leaks!

We take our job very seriously and do it with great care because we are aware how water leaks can cause immense damage to your property and do not want you to spend dollars on repairing and restoring.

Contact us today and schedule a Water Leak Detection Hawthorn East routine check up today, before it’s too late.